Monday, 30 May 2016

Oral exams guidelines

Dear 1st of ESO students,

Remember that the oral exam will be on Monday 16 and Tuesday 17.

You have to prepare a presentation to be the president of the English class.

  • You have to introduce yourself and try to convice from the very beginning the others to vote for you.
  • You have to tell your partners reasons why you want your partners vote for you.
    You can follow the following sentence:
    If you vote for me, I will help you to do the homework.
Power point, prezy, new technologies ... 

Dear 2nd ESO students,

Remember that the oral exam is next Wednesday 18 and next Thursday 19.

You have to prepare and study a dialogue. The only requirement is that you both have to speak and in the dialogue one of you must complain (check student's book page 70 for revision).

The pairs for the dialogue where done in class, but if you are not sure who you are doing the exam with... ASK YOUR TEACHER AS SOON AS YOU CAN!

Dialogues must last 2 or 3 minutes and you won't be able to read. It is important you prepare and learn it by heart! (Remember it is an oral exam)

New technologies are welcome, just ask your teacher for guidance!

Dear 3rd of ESO students,

Remember that the oral exam is next Thursday 19.

For the oral exam you have to work in cooperative groups. The groups were done in class, so if you do not remember which group you are... ASK YOUR TEACHER AS SOON AS YOU CAN.

You have to prepare a gossip programme. Remember that you HAVE TO use the zero conditional, the first conditional and the second conditional in your speech. The use of unless will be rewarded.

Don't forget that each person should speak about 2 minutes and you will not be able to read since it is an EXAM.

You are welcome to use technology. If you decide to do so, please send me an email with the power point, song, logo, commercial, jingle.... you want to use in your exam.
You can bring some fancy dresses to help you act out, but remember that you have to wear the uniform!

Should you have any question, ask me!

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