Saturday, 15 October 2016

3rd ESO compositions about hobbies

3rd of ESO students wrote a piece of writing talking about their hobbies. Here you have some of the articles they wrote.


When I was a little girl with two or three years old, I was really interested in melodies and color. I grew around my two passions: art and music; that changed my life. I won a competition of paintings and drawings. With 5000 people I was at the competition and with ten years old I won the first place. Now I enjoy my hobby, it’s my all and it helps me when I’m bored or sad. I want to study ‘’FINE ARTS’’, and become a clothes designer or even a conductor!

On the one hand, my hobby relaxes me and painting, listening to music or playing it makes me happy and full of energy. On the other hand… wait! It`s only that my hobby doesn’t have any cons because all time it’s perfect to do it.

Now, I don’t like looking at the future or the past. I want to enjoy my present and turn the most happiest possible I can. But if I think, I would like to do something related with design, languages, science or music.


            The activity that I love practicing is listening to music. I can’t stand doing a thing without music, because when I am listening to it, I feel more relaxed and I work better.

            On the one hand, this hobby has its advantages, for instance, if you are bored while you are doing your homework, you can put a song that you like, and you will see that you will finish it before. On the other hand, it has its disadvantages. One is if you are in a place where you can’t play your music, you will feel more stressed, and if you don’t have a MP3 nearby, you can’t listen to it.

            In the future I want to make music for the others. I’m hopeless at playing an instrument in an orchestra or maybe becoming famous for making pop music as a singer. I’d like to play music that people enjoy hearing.


Wheels to enjoy

My hobby is riding a bike, because this sport relaxes me when I´m stressed. I do it in my free time, and I usually go to the river or to the harbour.

On the one hand, you have entertainment, you can be relaxed and you do it sport. On the other hand, if you fall down, you can have a dangerous wound. For that reason you should wear a helmet.

I have planned to this afternoon to go to the city center to see the “Miguelete”, I never go upstairs and I would like to see all the views.


My life

What I do in my free time is acting. I love acting. I started it when I was seven and now I’m in a school of acting.

On the one hand, I think that acting is the best thing I have done since I was seven. Because I always identify myself with the character I’m interpreting. And also, I have very fun in the rehearsal. On the other hand, the only negative thing I can say, for instance, is that I become very nervous when I act in front of an audience.

In the future I would like to be an actress and act in a play with famous actors.


Well done!! Keep on improving!

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