Monday, 21 November 2016

3rd ESO oral exam

Dear students,

Follow this instructions to prepare your oral exam. Remember it is December 1st.
Exam will be in groups.
You will have to talk about:
  • The country (the political structure, monarchy, dictatorship...., name of the president...)
    Remember this part should be very SHORT!
  • Talk about the typical food in this country. Specially the food that is prepared in Christmas.
  • Talk about the weather in Christmas.
  • Talk about the traditions and superstitions and the reasons why they celebrate, have, continue... these.
  • Talk about the decorations (cities, different elements, symbols...)
  • Talk about who, when and why presents are given.
  • Idiom or saying said these days.
  • Finish by singing a typical Christmas Carol of this country (IN ENGLISH).
You will have to be talking for 15 minutes.
Power Points or manual material (photos...) are welcome and will be taken into consideration. REMEMBER: if you use a power point/prezzi, you have to send it to me to my email before December 30th.

To evaluate: teachers will follow "rúbrica de evaluación" that you will find in your noticeboard.

Should you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me!

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