Wednesday, 22 November 2017

3rd ESO oral exam

ORAL EXAM 1st semester

This semester you are going to become ecologist.

  • Work in the groups done by the teacher.
  • Make a plan for your event (what you are going to protect, your concerns, the activity you are planning….)
  • Choose a name for your event (catchy titles always make people join your plan!)
  • Decide where and when it will be.
  • Create a poster, power point, custome, leaflet, badgets… to help you!
  • Lenght of the project: 5 – 10 minutes

Ideas for your plan:
  • do a project about recycling or de environment.
  • Clean up your neighbourhood.
  • Make a vegetable garden.
  • Organize a 'question and answer' treasure hunt.
  • Have a fancy dress party.
  • Sell homemade T-shirts or grocery bags.
  • Plant trees or other plants.
  • Have a food festival.
  • Build a recycled sculpture.
  • Organize a sponsored hike.
  • Do a sponsored walk or run.
  • Have a parade.
  • Have a poster competition.
  • Have an art exhibition.
  • Organize a contest.

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