Monday, 30 January 2017

3rd ESO oral exam

ENGLISH ORAL EXAM (2nd semester)
Deadline of the project: Thursday, February 16th 

1.      Think about the big idea (the product you want to sell).
Yes, you need a product to sell. It can be new, created by yourselves, something which has already been invented, a pack of holidays, languages, trips… Whatever you might come up with! Remember: the more original, the better.
2.      Write a script.
Each TV commercial needs to have a script in which EVERY student in the group has to actively participate and so, SPEAK.
You have to capture your audience and you need to get your message across quickly either in a subliminal way or bombarding your audience.
In this part, it will be assessed the grammar and vocabulary you use: quantifiers, conditionals, present perfect, modal verbs, vocabulary of the art of persuasion, and so on and so forth.
3.      Consider including a jingle, a song, … something which catches the audience.
4.      Once you finish your script… Check it out and hand it into Ester for any correction that may be needed.
5.      When checked, read aloud in groups so that you get corrected (if so) in your pronunciation. Should you have any pronunciation question… ask the teacher!
6.      Now it is time to record your TV commercial with “love and passion” as usual… Remember to stick to time!!! Each group will have to record a commercial of    2 – 5 minutes- No more, no less.
7.      Now it is time for technology! You can use any programme you are familiar with, but here you have some suggestions of programmes you could use:
a.      Linux: openshot, kdenlive …
b.      Ios: Quick Editor, Clipper editor, IMovie…
c.       Windows: pinnacle studio, windows movie maker…
8.      Finish it and hand it in using the email:
What if I don’t know how to send it? Eg. Not space… You can use google-drive, dropbox, wetransfer, one-drive…. And yes, this time you can hand it in a pendrive, BUT with your name written on it!
WARNING! Anonymous pendrives won’t be taken!
Deadline of the project: Thursday, February 16th.

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