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**Happiness Recipe** 3rd ESO

SUN 3rd A
The best recite to have a happy life is called “the magic recipe”. It has three important ingredients to be happy.
The first is laughter, it is fundamental to have fun and also enjoy a good life.
The next ingredient is love, it is essential to do all things with love, because it gives good luck and energy to our life.
Another is positivity, it makes us strong and willingness to live the present.
The family and the friends are fundamental ingredients, because having a good company makes us want to live and enjoy the good times with them.
And the last is madness, living with a little madness always comes right for ourselves.
These ingredients will help you to get a happy and magical life.

Mr Bean 3rd A
·         One spoonful of happiness.
·         Two or three smiles.
·         A couple of laughter.
·         A spot of love.
·         A lot of hugs.
·         One or two kisses.
·         Three or four friends.
·         A bit of affection chocolate.
                First, we put a bowl with the friends, we shake during a few seconds, we add the spoonful of happiness, the couple of laughter and the smiles. We put all in the oven, for thirty minutes.
                Later, we take out the cake, and we add the spot of love with the hugs. If you want, you can put one or two kisses.
                At the end, we put the happiness cake on the fridge, and before eating it we add the affection chocolate.

Chocolate 3rd  A
Fantastic chocolate!
Ingredients for 2 people:
·          100 grams of cocoa.
·          1 pot of kindness.
·          1 petal of a red and bright rose.
·          100 mililiters of milk.
·          1 can of smiles.
·          20 grams of crunchy cereals.
·          1 tablespoon of honey.
·          10 grams of crushed cookies.
·          1 sachet of dearness.
·          A jar of empathy.
                First, crush the cocoa in a coffee grinder until obtaining a thick brown paste. Then, boil water in a saucepan and, in another smaller, add the cocoa. When the paste of cocoa is hot, crush it again to obtain a smooth texture of chocolate.
                After that, add the milk, the petal, the cereals, the cookies and the honey. Mix the chocolate with all the ingredients and later place them in a mold.
                Finally, mix all the senses and add them to the chocolate before putting it in the fridge. Keep it settle until it cools and becomes consistent.

Blue and Red 3rd B
·         A spoon of tolerance.
·         3-4 cuffs of friendship.
·         10 cups of goodness.
·         A saucepan of charity.
·         Many drops of sincerity.
How to do:
Before starting the recipe, you have to have illusion. We start:
First, if we mix the friendship with the goodness, we’ll have the respect. Next, you have to put together the charity d the tolerance and you will obtain kindness. Finally, in a plate, we put together the respect and the kindness and you have to add the sincerity and you have the dish: happiness. It is a smile in the street, be comfortable with the people of other gender, skin color, religion… that is to say, showing tolerance.
And you will have your recipe. Enjoy it, it is wonderful!

Flower 3rd  B
Ingredients for breakfast:
·         Smiles (a big glass)
·         Self-confidence (1 slice)
·         Positive attitude (1 slice)
Ingredients for lunch:
·         Humility (1 bar)
·         Bounty (1 brik)
·         Lots of understanding
·         Large amount of patience
Ingredients for dinner:
·         Effort (large quantity)
·         Joy (optional)
·         Gratitude (inmense amount)
Preparation method:
Start the day with a big hot glass of smiles, a toast of positive attitude and another toast of self-confidence.
At school I share my lunch with my classmates. It is a humility bar and a brick of bounty, sweetened with a lot of understanding. Have plenty of patience with people who don’t want to share my lunch.
At home, put an enormous amount of effort into doing my homework, so that I can feel good about myself, and thus share the dinners with joy. At bedtime, don’t forget to give thanks to God for my life and for this wonderful shared day.

Kate Becket 3rd  B
This recipe is very easy and quick to do. The ingredients that you will need are:
Three spoons of love, 5 dl of patience, a half cup of kindness, a full cup of faith, 0,1 kg of flour and two glasses of glitter.
Pour the three spoons of love in a big bowl with the 5 dl of patience then, mix it up. Warm it up in the microwave for five minutes! After that, mix the half cup of kindness and 0,1 kg of flour in another bowl. Then mix everything together and add a full cup of faith. To finish, sprinkle a little bit of glitter.

Gala 3rd  C
·         Family
·         Friends
·         Love
·         Peace
·         Joy
·         Laughs
·         Music
How to cook:
First of all you need a group of people that you really love like your family or your friends. I strongly believe that this is the main secret of this recipe.
Then you must mix these ingredients with a lot of love, peace and joy. After that, you must sing beautiful songs and play funny games. Meanwhile, you must eat tasty cakes. Finally, you must add laughs, music and dance.
In conclusion, I would like that you enjoy this recipe and have a great time.
Misaki Mei 3rd  C
Main ingredients:
·         Love
·         Friendship
·         Generosity
·         Hope
·         Humility
To decorate:
·         A friend’s hug.
·         A relative’s kiss.
How to cook:
1.       First, you have to beat the humility and the generosity until you have a uniform mixture. Then, you have to cut the love and the friendship in small pieces to mix them well, and add them to the first mixture.
2.       Now, you have to prepare a heart-shaped mould by spreading the hope in its base, and pur the dough into it. Next, the mould should be placed in the oven at 160 degrees for half an hour. While the dough is cooked, you can put the friend’s hug and the relative’s kiss in a pastry bag.
3.       After 30 minutes, remove the mould from the oven. Finally, decorate the dough already cooked and you’ve got the HAPPINESS.

Yung Beef SL 3rd  C
·         100g of positivity
·         Friends dust
·         A bag of money
·         Health
·         Family dust
·         A pot of smiles
·         10g of empathy
·         Some water
First of all, take the bag of money and mix it with the 100g of positivity in a bowl. While you do the mixture, switch on the oven to 200ºC.
Secondly, take another bowl or a glass and fill it with water. After that, add the pot of smiles, the health and the empathy and mix it until the water gets rainbow colours.
Last steps. Take the water and mix it with the mass we’ve made before and finally, put it inside the oven for half an hour.
When it has finished, add the friends and family dust and it will be finished.

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