Monday, 10 April 2017

3rd ESO storytelling

Dear students,

As you know, we are going to perform different storytellings during the week after Easter (semana del libro).

We've been divided in groups. Please, let me know if you still don't have group!
You have to look for a script and tell me which story you've chosen. In that way, we'll avoid repetition.

The homework for Easter will be to PPP: prepare, practice and perfectionate.

A timetable will be published here or in class so you'll know the day, hour and class you'll go to.

Remember to prepare a power point and send it to me (Ester) so that I can keep it for the day of the performance.

Wearing a disguise is also welcome, but remember that you have to come to school wearing the uniform! I'll let you time though to prepare yourselves.

Here you have some sources to find a script in case you haven't found one yet.

or enter on youtube and type: "pink fong".

I also want to wish you a lovely Easter.

Your teacher Ester

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