Sunday, 2 April 2017

How to pass English of the previous year...

Dear students,

I remind you the requirements to pass the subject of English of the last course.

  • You did some activities. If not, you'll have to sit the part of vocabulary and grammar too.
For the day of the recuperación:
  • You will have to do a reading comprehension test.
    •  Students of 2nd ESO: Tuesday, April 4 (with teacher Ester)
    • Students of 3rd and 4th ESO: Thursday, April 6 (with teacher Rosa)

  • You will also have to do a speaking test:
    • 2nd ESO students will have to talk about "likes & dislikes"
    • 3rd ESO students will have to talk about "daily routines & housework"
    • 4th ESO students will have to talk about "last holidays"
Remember to use connectors, useful expressions and grammar seen last year in your listening exam!
For the reading, remember to write complete sentences (subject + subject + verb + complements)

In case you have any question, please ASK YOUR TEACHER!


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